i-desk has recently delivered a complete refurbishment to an old ICT room on behalf of Barnsole Junior School, Gillingham Medway.

 The brief given to i-desk, by the Head Alison Pullen, was to replace all the existing computers with new equipment and increase the number of desks and PC’s to accommodate up to 32 students and a teacher at the school in the ICT suite.

 The priority of the design was to give each student in the class the opportunity to work at their own computer while still allowing easy viewing of the interactive whiteboard without interruption.

 Completed in August 2012, just in time for the new school year, the newly refurbished ICT classroom was fully fitted with 32 i-classics, which has been the flagship of the i-desk range for the last 12 years.

 Barnsole Junior School decided to opt for the unique i-classic as it enabled the school to completely redesign the teaching and learning environment within the classroom to their own specifications. The i-classic technology fits securely and neatly under the desktop, housed in a steel case. Its improved security and safety reduces maintenance and upgrade costs and is known to improve grades with students.

 Alison Pullen, Head Teacher at Barnsole Junior School commented:

“Our students and teachers are delighted with the new i-desks. Our ICT room is the buzz of the school and has meant that our students have been excited to learn in a fresh new environment.”