Lincroft School, Bedfordshire

School desks by i-desks can impact your school too. More learning space is one of many benefits you get when choosing i-desk. With the rise in need for collaborative learning with more students per classroom, we have the solution for you.

The i-rise is one of our best multi-purpose school desks! Lincfrot School takes advantage of the rise and fall monitors to maximize the use of their classrooms.

Mike Lavelle, Executive Head Teacher at Lincroft School, had this to say about their new learning space:


"The i-cyber space is a fantastic new facility and extremely well-used by the pupils. It has enabled quick access to the Internet and to our e-praise rewards system.

I believe that, together, we have achieved an innovative approach to supporting independent research and study skills as well as motivation for pupils and staff to use ICT across the curriculum to great effect without having to ‘book’ ICT spaces.

The way that students use the facility to browse is excellent and complements their concurrent use of ICT at home"