Ringwood School, Hampshire

Ringwood School in Hampshire wanted to create an area where it would be possible to leave the students unsupervised for quiet and personal homework or research.  Ringwood School Staff had previously observed how well privacy screens had worked in other area's of the School.  When they asked i-desk to customise standard i-classic's with privacy screens and device charging points, i-desk said "no problem!"  The final outcome of the installation looks brilliant and works well.  There are two types of desk solutions integrated into the room, but standardising the desktop colour has made both sets come together aesthetically very well.  The i-classic's around the perimeter of the room provide workstations to work individually on all IT related coursework.  The central bank is made up of standard i-basic desks, but with integrated UK mains and dedicated USB charging points to be used with phones, tablets or laptops, in each privacy screen.  Both solutions create a distraction free private work area for the students.

Robert Woodrow, ICT Systems Manager at Ringwood School said “another area of the school I won’t have to worry about!”