Westfields Junior School, Yateley, Hampshire

Westfields Junior is a successful and popular school providing a first class education for children aged 7-11 in and around the Yateley area of Hampshire.  Set in an attractive 45 acre shared campus, Westfields Junior provides excellent educational facilities.

Comments Karine George – Headteacher

“If we want to deliver excellence in education then we have to look at every aspect of what we offer. Environmental factors and the tools of our trade must have a bearing and that is why I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Steve Brooks, at i-desk.  Delivering our vision for the learners and the staff of the third millennium has enabled practical designs to meet these needs. As a result, we have a range of bespoke furniture, made for our context with smart simple designs and good functionality. The real difference however, is in the detail!
As a school that is technology rich, we wanted to move away the ‘egg box’ style class rooms and so we have also created a learning spaces that would mirror the 21st century life complete with the technology that would be in use today, computers, mobile devices, media creation, and communication tools; a space where our children could solve real problems creatively. Part of our thinking meant that the space needed to be flexible in order to meet both current and future demands. A space that inspired learning but that could be reconfigured to meet the changing needs of learners.
Interlacing educational vision with inspiration from designers and innovator, like Steve Brooks, has given the staff and children at Westfields Junior School,  the opportunity to share our ideas and vision to create inspired learning areas and furniture, maximising the environment for all. So we have i-cybers where our children can see the internal workings of the computer,  bespoke storage units and work stations. Our IT technician even has his own height controlled computer station!  Just a few examples of inspirational design.”