Who doesn't like saving time and money?

Wake-on-LAN ...what is this not so new configuration?

Simply it allows the educator to schedule whatever time they want their computers to turn on and switch off. When you and your students walk into the room to start the day, the pc’s are on. When class is over you no longer need to remind the class to turn them off, or walk around to each computer to shut them down. All of them are scheduled at your preferred time to shut down. It's like your heating system, you wouldn't leave your heating on 24/7 and pay for what you are not using. You program it when to be on and when to be off. Simple. i-desk highly recommends this network configuration for your own convenience and potential cost savings. The perfect cost saving combo is the i-mini pc desk and Wake-on-LAN. Almost as perfect as Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding! Apple pie and custard!.and..well you get the point.