The i-fi: For the Musicians of the Future

Minimum Order 20 desks

The i-desk® music desk has all the benefits of the i-classic with additional functions for the music training environment.

The fixed monitor features a sheet-music stand and headphone bracket, and the computer keyboard is located in a slide out drawer which can be easily pushed out of sight. With integrated computer and cabling, along with the jigsaw linking system, the i-fi maximises valuable desk space in music environments.

Plus the majority of computer-enabled music keyboards can be used with the i-fi, ask us for details. This gives you the perfect Classroom of the Future for the Musicians of the Future.

Features and Benefits

A study of space with no PC clutter below the desk, you become free to explore an unrestricted layout.

Robust Build/Secure Virtually theft proof: Not one i-desk has been stolen in 12 years with over 18,000 units installed across this period, lowering insurance premiums.

Connectivity & Jigsaw Design: A wide range of jigsaw interconnects provide an array of possibilities for classroom layout. The ingenious desk link system results in a robust secure design providing a far superior flexible solution.

Integrated Cabling Conduit for all cabling at back of desk. Can run direct to mains supply or through the connecting desk in the row. No loose cabling to trip over.

One Plug For All: A traditional setup would require between ten and twenty double sockets and ten network points incurring higher capital costs and power consumption.

Blanking Facia Creates a seamless aesthetic to the i-desk computer panel. For use when DVD drive is not included.

Slide and Lock PC. Computer cassette slides into the desk concealing the industry standard hardware allowing easy maintenance access with increased security.

Easy Access Ports/Power Tube For connecting external headphones, microphone & USB devices resulting in a tidy desktop. Integral cable management within the monitor support.

Flat Screen LCD takes up no space on the desktop increasing usable work space.