Educational Furniture by  i-desk solutions ltd.

The i-wall: write, store, teach...
Created as a direct response to customer feedback, the i-wall is the ideal solution to schools' need for interactive whiteboards without the need for the board itself to be interactive.

i-wall offers increased storage with maximised usage of teaching space.

The i-wall is an ingenious solution comprising integrated, neat cabling (making it secure) dry-wipe whiteboards and generous storage space alongside the latest interactive projector. It combines well to meet the needs of teachers and students.
Features and Benefits: Teacher and lecturer rooted design has ensured the following priorities were included in the development of the i-wall:

Large storage areas (0 to 4 units)

Greater Visibility

Mobile Projector Cabling Housing and Integrated Speakers


Quality Whiteboards

Less expensive than an interactive whiteboard solution.

Users report fewer maintenance and breakdown costs.

i-wall clearly demonstrates the ability of i-desk solutions to respond to custom demands and requirements. We welcome further commentary and contributions as to how our designs could be custom-modified, giving scope for small as well as large projects.

PC Cabinet


Educational storage furniture helps free up space. Clutter free your room with the PC Cabinet.

Good for computer labs, ICT suites and media rooms too!

  • more workspace
  • more leg room
  • easy technician access
  • security
  • no unsightly cables
  • vented and fan cooled
  • additional work surface
  • can be bespoke




Base Unit

i-desk can also supply integrated furniture for your installation.  The Base Unit has the same Jigsaw interconnects so that it can be seamlessly combined with i-classic desks or angled jigsaw connectors.  Installing the straight Jigsaw ends enables you to use the base unit as a standalone storage solution that matches the décor in the environment.  The Base Unit is available in 600mm (single door) and 1000mm (double door) wide by 750mm tall, with adjustable feet to allow for imperfection in the flooring.  The Base Unit, has 5 cable access ports on it, this enables cabling for devices to be hidden away in the lockable storage area.  The cable access port on the top enables a device such as printer or scanner to be integrated with minimal surface level cabling.  i-desk uses “soft-close” hinges on every Base-Unit as standard.  As with any i-desk product, virtually any colour or texture laminate can be chosen for the desktop.

Wall unit
Bespoke wall storage and shelving to fit your office or classroom. Unique to you! Need a secure/open access storage to charge your devices? We can bespoke the wall unit for that too.

The Wing Desk


The wing desks is suitible for collaborative groups and small board meetings. Choice of rise&fall screen and monitor arms or simply a flat surface meeting table without any tech. This collaborative desk table can also have power modulars to charge and power laptops, ipads and any devce. Choose from a variety of finish tops.

i- lectern
Modern Lectern by i-desk     Even the smallest room deserves a great all around lectern. A mobile lectern that is power height adjsutable, suitible for screen sizes up to 27 inches, and can be bespoke for any PC.   Great for classrooms or computer labs for universities, education, meeting rooms, conference halls or venues.
  • Have your lectern branded with your log
  • Lock and Secures PCs
  • Air Vented
  • Powered Sit Stand Work Surface
  • Lockable Castors
  • Small Footprint Lectern
Can be bespoke for any technology. Choose to order a white lectern, blue lectern, black lectern, green lecture etc... We have a wide selection of options

Desk Tables - Great for Laptop tables and ipad Workstations
The i-basic evolved from the i-classic, providing the same great features of security and robust design. The i-basic can be supplied for i-mac’s, All In One PC's or virtually any other ICT device. You can still integrate all the power and data cabling within the desk chassis if required. i-basic is compatible with all i-desk Jigsaw's and the i-classic itself. So if you want to integrate a printer or other device, but still need the cabling hidden away then you may add an i-basic to your installation. The i-basic comes in a variety of sizes and finishes to match other i-desk solutions or your existing furniture

The i-VM  

With the i-VM you can enjoy sit stand options via hand crank. Makes a great desk table. A spectacular affordable height adjustable desk built to last!

  • Desk top size: from 600mm to 1800mm (L) x 600mm (W)
  • Desk top material: Laminated 25mm MDF - wide range of colours/finishes
  • Hand cranked height adjustable frame 300mm
  • Robust all steel construction for rigidity and stability
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


i-desk...The unique jigsaw design enables the modular i-desk's to be scalable, adding and removing additional users is very simple, or completely re-configurable if desired.  With desks that link together and a range of connecting jigsaw sections, the layout has few limitations. Straight runs or rows that snake around the room – the choice is yours.  The i-desk range is designed to fit seamlessly together to build the perfectly tailored solution.
Total flexibility of room design and use.
No gaps in space between desks.
Locks all desks together, adding to security.
Desks can be re-organised at any stage, with minimal fuss.

Storage Wall

The Storage Wall from i-desk Solutions, provides essential storage for almost any purpose!  The Storage Wall can be custom made to fit the installation with virtually any requirement.  From having shelving, pull out drawers or dry-wipe doors, the options are endless.

Exam Privacy Screens - Desktop Dividers

If you have the requirement to provide quiet, personal work space ideal for examination conditions, then you should consider adding Privacy Exam Screens to your i-desk installation. The Screens slide onto the desktop between the chassis’, once in place each user will have privacy from the neighboring seat. The Exam Privacy Screens can be removed at anytime making the classroom even more versatile. The privacy screens are compatible with the i-rise as well as the i-classic, with the i-rise, extra panels to the rear of the station can be added so that users cannot see across the i-rise. The screens can the stored in a wheel trolley when not in use.

Headphone Hook

The Headphone hook from i-desk Solutions Ltd. can be added to any monitor with VESA mounting points.  It gives you a quick and easy place to store your headphones or headset when they're not in use.  The mounting points are laid out for either 75mm or 100mm standard mount sizes and can be used with an adjustable arm or other VESA fixing by installing in between the monitor and arm.