i-kiosk: Max secure pc

Developed specifically to meet the demands of the modern workplace with secure computing. The i-kiosk has an integrated PC with a LED back lit glass top that features the new Fujitsu Palm Vein Scan technology for high security authentication . The product is fully DDA compliant and suitable for all industries.

Healthcare - Security - Financial/Banking - Commercial Enterprise - Manufacturing - Retail - Education

Integrated Keyboard The stainless steel keyboard with integrated mouse, inlayed into the glass work top of the i-kiosk, is robust and looks sharp. Being built into the desk itself, the i-kiosk becomes ideal for communal areas with minimal supervision.

Internal lighting, available in a range of different colours, adds to the visual impact of the i-kiosk.

The toughened glass desk top provides a robust work surface, whilst giving the desk a strong visual impact