The i-lite

The i-lite is a semi-integrated system, enabling existing PC equipment to be used with the award-winning i-desk® jigsaw range of modular furniture.

The i-lite integrates your current or future PC tower. We build the desk to fit the tech.

The i-desk® furniture securely links together enabling flexibility to add users and to tailor to suit any space, whilst offering robustness and security.

This solution is ideal for areas requiring the benefits of i-desk® features within tight time or budget constraints.

The i-lite desk chassis is easily adapted to receive a fully integrated i-desk® computer cassette when existing PC equipment is ready for upgrade.

The Jigsaw Design provides a large array of possibilities for a classroom layout.

The ingenious desk link system results in a robust secure design providing a far superior flexible solution.

Integrated Cabling Conduit for all cabling at back of desk which can run direct to the mains supply or through the connecting desks in a row. No loose cabling to trip over.

Acts as a perfect interim stage to a full upgrade.