i-mini pc desk:  The desk that optimises space


Designed to integrate mini-pc technology

1. Keeping up with technology of tomorrow. With nearly every pc company making their version of mini pc, we have made it easier to integrate this technology into our desk with brilliant benefits.

Security - With our locking inserts the educator can secure the computer with the turn of a key. Seamless work surface keeping the pc safe from accidental damage and away from prying fingers
2. Workspace increased: More desks into the same space and desktop working space increased.
Say goodbye to having your students share the same pc.
3. In-built cable management: All cables are managed through the desks.
We feed the power and data through each desk to the efficient socket.
Cables are out of sight leaving you with a clean non-tripping hazardous workspace.
4. Jigsaw design: You may be asking yourself, what do we mean by jigsaw design?
We patented the jigsaw shape for the edges of our desks to enable linking any of our jigsaw products.
A seamless infusion which creates a robust bond. The end result is flexibility of desk arrangements and durability.
5. Future proof and aesthetically pleasing: From every angle we strive to give you a progressive product which equips you for the future.
No clutter to be concerned about, giving you convenience with security, putting leverage at your fingertips whilst providing you options.
Your not limited with us. Choose to have your own colour of desktop surface with us. We provide options for budgetary constraint challenges , we have done this for many already.