i-café: Maximum Flexibility, Minimum Effort

Originally developed to offer secure computer access in stand-alone areas, the i-café benefits from core i-desk technologies.

For a more immersive educational workstation, the i-cafe becomes the i-tutor, creating the platform for "stand-up delivery" if preferred. With the addition of a built-in auto-focus Visualiser, items on the desktop can be viewed via a projector or interactive board.

Both units benefit from an integrated electric lift mechanism to adjust the height of the desktop from 680mm to 1350mm. By allowing users to sit or stand, the i-café is ideal for wheelchair users or even as a lecturer/teacher's interactive lectern.

✓ Quick, single-button height variation is enabled by the advanced electric motors.

✓ Flat Screen LCD Monitor Takes up no space on the desktop increasing usable work space. Choose from standard or widescreen.

✓ High security integral to the i-cafe.

✓ Optional control buttons for i-rise desks, giving total control of the room.

The i-cafe becomes the i-tutor with the clever visualiser!

The i-cafe becomes the i-tutor with the clever visualiser!