Ipswich High School for Girls


“Ipswich High School is the region’s leading independent all girl’s school, educating pupils aged 3-18. We are a strong, vibrant and thriving community-dynamic and above all supportive. With the unique support of the Girl’s Day School Trust, our vision and ambition is to educate girls to become resilient, positive and successful young women, ready to embrace the challenges of the future.”

Ipswich High School approached i-desk at the Bett Show 2015 and our i-rise desk found their interest.  Whilst working with Ipswich, Steve Brooks our Inventor Director (who also attended Ipswich in the 1970’s for boarding school) re-designed the i-rise which allows even more leg room.

"At Ipswich High School we were looking for a flexible space that could be utilised as a traditional ICT / Computing suite as well as an area that would allow more practical Computer Science activities. We needed a design that would allow this as well as being spacious enough to allow group working in the classroom that was available. The redesign of the i-rise produced a spacious area that has allowed a wider range of activities within a few seconds. A larger desk area allows students to build computers, robotics, and experiment with computing equipment. If computers are needed they are available with the touch of a button. Not only is the classroom flexible and practical; but the wow factor enthuses students, parents and visitors alike!" - Andrew Gardner, Director of Computer Science of Digital Learning

With our i-rise we increased desk top workspace and provided easy transitions for other methods of learning when they are required

More learning space - Collaborative learning - Flexible classroom layout

1. Listening is crucial to gather and develop the right floor plan.

2. Going beyond and evolving the i-rise and bespoke storage furniture. Then bringing it all together to make the vision become reality.