Lipson The Co-operative Academy, has over one thousand students and prides itself on being a co-operative school whose learners, teachers, parents and carers believe in a value-driven education.  Co-operative learning is a structured and democratic approach that encourages dialogue and promotes confidence in the learner. It involves deep thinking and active participation that students find challanging and motivational. As a forward thinking school, learning technology is seen as an essential part of every student's education. To encourage this type of teaching, Lipson looked to shape their learning spaces to accommodate easy to access resources, which are there when required to enhance a task and removed when other methods of learning are more relevant..

Lipson The Co-operative Academy approached i-desk with a proposed project to enhance Co-operative learning and the results are brilliant!

More learning space - collaborative learning - more for students

Once the monitors are down it allows free work table space for lessons requiring.

Operate the rise and fall of students monitors, keyboards and mice from each of the teacher's stations i-café.

The i-café to the left has control over the rise and fall of all  student's i-rise desks.

Locking inserts on each. The educator receives key to access when needed.


A total of twelve islands each containing four workstations were built within the room along with two café desks, one at each end of the space. The area was completed with a widescreen interactive whiteboard fixed at one end of the room with two further 50" plasma screen providing a clear view for students seated away from the front. The screens relay the same image as shown on the interactive whiteboard, ensuring everyone has a clear view when needed..

Students at Lipson are now able to embark on group projects far more effectively. With the advent of easy to access learning technology featuring i-desk computers, the students create and publish work on YouTube. The globally broadcast work has been viewed by renowned experts such as Clare Wigfall author of When the Wasps Drowned. After reviewing this work Clare was so impressed by how Lipson were sharing the learning, she proceeded to visit and engage with the students after flying in from Berlin.


A student at the college commented: “I’m glad that the school is creating new ways to make our learning more interactive”.

Learning Technology Manager, Adam Hodgess says:

“Rather than having cutting edge technology for the sake of it, as a forward-thinking co-operative school, we are constantly looking for the best way to promote learning through the resources available to us. That includes using books and other non-technical stimulus as well as new technology. The configuration of the i-desk equipment removes the barriers we came up against with traditional ICT suites and makes the learning environment more interactive. By embracing this technology students can progress to further education or work, equipped with the knowledge of how to use cutting edge technology when they set out on their career path.”

One parent commented “I’m thrilled to hear my daughter speak so enthusiastically about the new super room” “she loves that with the double groups there’s double the support” “the use of ICT doesn’t take over and it’s clear the flexible use of the computers make an impact”