Cassette Integrations



Less damage equals longevity, and this is done by having the technology locked securely and neatly within the desk, forming part of the chassis and leaving no towers or cables to restrict the user. We provide two USB, audio and mic inputs on our curved monitor arm. The monitor arm secures the monitor to the desk to prevent theft and accidental damage. It also provides more desk space and no clutter of wires often received from a typical monitor stand.

With tens of thousands installed in the UK and overseas, the i-classic is a proven concept that has been shown to improve security and safety, reduce costs and improve grades.

Featuring the i-desk unique jigsaw shaped ends, the i-classic can perform as a standalone computer or linked to other i-desk products. This provides our customers with total control over the design, look and operation of their facility.

Narrower or wider: we accommodate your space and preferences. The i-classic desk model has been at the forefront of ending separate IT/ICT to provide optimal space saving and power efficiency.

The i-rise: Multi purpose maximum flexibility
Two functions for one room! Our most advanced i-desk, the i-rise uses ground-breaking patented technology to provide immediate access to a hidden computer.
At the touch of a button, the teacher can transform the i-rise from a clear flat workspace into a state of the art ICT platform.

One of our top selling products, installed in Primary schools, Secondary schools and Universities. Even the MOD and blue chip organisations uses this multi-functional desk because it offers practical ICT solutions to areas otherwise considered unsuitable.

i-café: Maximum Flexibility, Minimum Effort
Originally developed to offer secure computer access in stand-alone areas, the i-café benefits from core i-desk technologies.

For a more immersive educational workstation, the i-cafe becomes the i-tutor, creating the platform for "stand-up delivery" if preferred. With the addition of a built-in auto-focus Visualiser, items on the desktop can be viewed via a projector or interactive board.

Both units benefit from an integrated electric lift mechanism to adjust the height of the desktop from 680mm to 1350mm. By allowing users to sit or stand, the i-café is ideal for wheelchair users or even as a lecturer/teacher's interactive lectern.

✓ Quick, single-button height variation is enabled by the advanced electric motors.

✓ Flat Screen LCD Monitor Takes up no space on the desktop increasing usable work space. Choose from standard or widescreen.

✓ High security integral to the i-cafe.

✓ Optional control buttons for i-rise desks, giving total control of the room.


The i-vari: Access for All
The i-vari is ideal for teachers that have varying requirements and teaching styles, allowing for seated or standing use without fuss!
  • Provides improved access to computing resources for special needs students and staff.
This solution combines all the functionality of the i-classic, meaning the technology is fitted securely and neatly under the desktop.
  • fitted with a smooth touch-of-a-button electronic height adjustment mechanism, that allows the desk to be adjusted from a height of 670mm to 1350mm.

  • can be fitted with an extendable desktop to the left or right of the desk, maximising functionality for wheelchair users.

  • A swivel-armed monitor and special keyboard can also be added for the visually impaired