Choose our Cassette and harness the power of a PC tower with zero desktop footprint!

i-desk® offers the latest Asus motherboard, Intel processor and Asus Graphics card for your preferred pc specs . You specify, we build.
The Cassette integrates with our i-rise | i-classic | i-vari | i-V2 | i-tutor | i-cafe.

Small illustration of our cassette.

(i-desk patented slim pc)

+ bloat-ware?

Some call it bloat-ware, some call it other names which are not safe for work, but whatever you call it, pre-installed apps on a brand new PC are almost always problematic. Often they slow your PC performance, sometimes they create security concerns, like the ones which have been mentioned recently in the news and sometimes they’re just useless clutter.
At i-desk we recognise that you don’t want to spend hours removing programs that you’ve not installed on brand new computers you’ve just received. i-desk cassettes will arrive to our customers with a very standard Windows Operating System installed which you can either use or reimage with your image deployment tools, either way you don’t have any of the bloat-ware supplied by many other PC manufacturers.

The i-desk imaging process ensures that each computer in your batch will be identical to the next, we ensure that you will have the latest BIOS and drivers pre-installed and all available Windows Updates as well as Microsoft Security Essentials anti-Virus for Windows or Windows Defender.

If you want to take it step further and make your deployment even easier i-desk Solutions can Pre-Load your Operating System and Software image for you, so when they arrive on-site, you just rename the PC and join it to the domain.