"The project to install i-desk flexible furniture was borne out of the need to maximise the utilisation of a traditional PC lab. Before the installation of the furniture the use of the PC lab was limited to sessions which required the use of the PCs – the layout of the room with fixed PCs on desks was not conducive to any other taught session. As a result, the room was only getting used 50%, or thereabouts, of the timetabled day – not great when space is at such a premium. Because of the simplicity and effectiveness of the i-desk design - moving from PC desk to seminar table at the push of a button - the University’s timetabling team are now free to schedule seminar style sessions in the room as well as PC sessions, thus increasing utilisation to nearer 85%. 4 labs have been converted to date, and the solution will roll out to other labs over the coming months. Not only does the solution increase efficiency, but it also looks good to."  -Matt Leng, Head of Learning Environment. Teesside University

Teesside University approached i-desk for solutions to optimise the utilisation of their PC lab. Helping Teesside University with their dynamic vibrant learning environment, the i-rise desks were the key factor whilst using their existing pc.

After i-desk solutions


More learning space is one of many benefits acquired using our i-rise classroom desks, especially with the rise in need for collaborative learning.

Teesside University, a dynamic, confident and committed to the pursuit of excellence institution with a “can do” mentality. Teesside University is one of the top UK universities for widening participation in higher education and the first modern university to win the Times Higher award. Thank you for choosing i-desk to help the education of tomorrow.

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